99 bottles of beer on my wall?? Man cave blog.

99 bottles of beer on my wall?? Man cave blog.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Why 99 Bottles of Beer on my Wall??? Why not?...

So I've been thinking of making a man cave, and a man cave blog, for quite some time.  When we first moved from Hawaii to where we are now the plan was to turn the basement into a Tiki Bar.  My wife was down with that, we even brought a bunch of Tiki stuff to our new home with us.  Well, it's been sitting packed all this time, and the plan for the basement has gone through numerous iterations. We've also pickup some new hobbies, and other items, along the way which we will be incorporating into the man cave.

As to the 99 bottles thing.... The other day I was on my favorite college team's message board and one of the moderators was calling for someone to do a countdown to college football season. Nobody was rushing to volunteer, myself included but it got me to thinking...

I'm going to do my own personal 99 day countdown to college football season (and it starts VERY soon) by drinking a beer a day, and reviewing it on a blog and kick start my man cave blog, and hopefully my interest in my man cave so it starts progressing at a bit quicker pace. So there you have it.... man cave, beer, football, and whatever I pretty much feel like talking about, will be on this blog.



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