99 bottles of beer on my wall?? Man cave blog.

99 bottles of beer on my wall?? Man cave blog.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Welcome to 99 Bottles of Beer on my Wall??? Here's the back story....


A few years back my wife and I bought a new home to live in.  It's a decent sized multi-level home with a decent sized basement beneath it. We both had our thoughts on furnishing the living areas, and luckily our tastes are fairly similar in those regards... but when it comes to a bottom line decision on the main living areas, it's the wife's to make.  Luckily for me, she sorta made the mistake of saying "you can decide what to do with the basement" at some point. Just what I wanted to hear.

Here's what you see when you enter our stairwell going down to the basement....

How appropriate!

So I've got a 990 sqft basement to do with more or less what I please, as long as it's not too crazy. 
Things don't move too awful fast in Steve World at times, and I've always viewed this room as a multi-year project.  I have done a couple things with it, with plenty of ideas for the future, all to be discussed later on in the blog. The basement is nowhere near a finished product, it's just starting and will probably give me things to do, and write about, for a few years  Feel free to follow along.

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