99 bottles of beer on my wall?? Man cave blog.

99 bottles of beer on my wall?? Man cave blog.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Believe it or not, this is not intended to be a beer blog...

I'm shooting for man cave/guy stuff/hobby and such, sure beer fits in there somewhere, but it won't be the primary focus over time.  My intent is largely to write about by basement.  How exciting! Not!

So, as I mentioned in my very first post, I've got this nice sized basement sitting under our house that is nowhere near fully utilized. It's basically three concrete walls dug into a hillside and one insulated standard wall which has a single standard door opening to our back yard.  It's billed as a daylight basement, but absolutely zero daylight makes it in as of yet.

The seller of this house had the nicest home woodshop I've ever seen in his basement. There are multiple 220 outlets for his multiple large woodworking tools he had, and he had it set up with a dust vacuum in an adjacent shed, and was lit by multiple 8 foot hardwired shop lights.  The room is about 15 by 60, has 20 some outlets in it, and a darned load bearing wall which I'd dearly love to eliminate about 5 feet into the room, which makes for a room mostly about 10 feet wide except at one end where the load bearing wall doesn't exist (no wall there on the floor above it.

More about the basement later... gotta go to work.

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