99 bottles of beer on my wall?? Man cave blog.

99 bottles of beer on my wall?? Man cave blog.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Two beers, two reviews... the 99 beer countdown to NCAA football continues...

Yesterday I ended my day with a bottle of Ahh...Freak Oat! Oatmeal Pale Ale by Silver Moon Brewery of Bend Oregon.  I hadn't had this pale ale before, but I have been to Silver Moon, which is on the north end (I think it's north) of downtown Bend.

This is a nice mellow pale ale, ABV of 5.2 and a IBU rating of 35.  It has some hops, and I felt I could taste a touch of oatmeal on the back end of a swallow.  It managed to hit a couple of my likes, as I do like me some hops from time to time and I also enjoy most of the oatmeal brews I've had over time.  I do think this is one of the first oatmeal pale ales I've had, it's more commonly seen in stout beers.
Tonight, I'm partaking of SUPERFUZZ Blood Orange Pale Ale by Elysian of Seattle.  I was introduced to Elysian on a trip to Seattle with BeeR CritiC, to visit our friend Weenieboy a couple years back. We did a trip to see him and do a little brewery hopping and Elysian was one of the stops.  I think they might have a few locations, this particular one was down by one of the stadiums and was huge, one of the bigger bars I recall being in over the years.

...And now for the story of Weenieboy... Weenieboy got his name by his propensity for falling asleep after 2 beers.  Well, Weenieboy is a government employee, and has managed to get himself promoted to the point that he gets to travel all over the country and visit bars everywhere... he should have a blog... and now... I'm the one who falls asleep after two beers, so I'm semi-officially retiring the name Weenieboy, so I don't have to take it for myself.  I need to come up for a new moniker for him I guess.

Well, SUPERFUZZ is a very nice pale ale with the addition of blood orange to give it a citrus spin.  It is not a fruity beer, which I appreciate, and has enough of a bite to appease the beer palate of most IPA drinkers I suspect... BeeR CritiC is a big fan of IPAs and enjoys SUPERFUZZ. SUPERFUZZ is a seasonal brew for Elysian, available April through July of this year from what I understand.  ABV of the beer is 6.2%  and the IBU rating is 45 according to Elysian. BeeR CritiC, my wife, and I all wait to take in a sample or two of this one every year.

Now that I've drank and reviewed these.... 92 BOTTLES OF BEER LEFT BEFORE COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!!!!!

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